Security and Privacy in Smart Home


Nowadays new consumer electronics (e.g., TV) and even standard home electronics (e.g., fridges) are sold with interfaces to the home network that is connected to the Internet. All devices with connectivity (except standard network devices like laptop or desktop pc) to the home network are called smart devices, e.g., Smart TV. The easiest way for a consumer to connect the new (smart) device to the network/Internet is via Wi-Fi. 

After connecting the smart device to the home network, a consumer is not able to see and control the data going in and out of each device. The possibilities to block and isolate the data transfer only to the functionality really used is often impossible. New controlling and easy-to-use methods for consumers have to be introduced, so that the consumers control their data and not vice versa.

Some interesting topics, which are covered by the SIT Research Group are


  • Security and Privacy in Smart TV

    • Privacy: HbbTV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV)
    • Security: Security in Smart TV

Privacy in HbbTV

Smart TVs (STV) enable the broadcasting stations to provide real-time information directly to the consumers, for example additional information about a current TV program. HbbTV is one of the standards on STV for combining the two data media DVB and Internet. It defines how commonly used web technologies can be used as a transparent overlay over the current channel. Each respective broadcasting station is responsible for the contents of their channels’ HbbTV signals.

A first prototype of a our HbbTV Privacy Protector can be downloaded here.

Security in Smart TV

Security in Smart TVs is important since it is one of the consumer electronic devices which can soon be found in many households. It has integrated a lot of interfaces like network, microphones, web cams, motion sensors, and more. Therefore, severe security issues can lead to an attacker who use the Smart TV as a monitoring system for private households. Furthermore, attacks known from desktop computers or the Internet are also possible.





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